PARKING SOLUTIONS & LIFTS Embrace Group has partnered with LT ParkSmart Replica IWC Portofino with the mission to solve the problem of urban congestion and make mobility hassle free and clean for millions of commuters. As part of a study conducted by us, it was observed that

  1. Mean Travel Speed in India – 24.4 kmph
  2. Traffic slower by 25% in evenings
  3. As of 2018, congestion in urban metropolitans cost the economy 1.47 lakh crore
  4. Cars parked on roads are the biggest reason for traffic congestion as it reduces usable road space for vehicles by as much as 50%.
  5. Drivers spend almost 20% of their driving time looking for parking. This also leads to a 20% increase in vehicular pollution in our urban areas.
To address the need for a cleaner, less congested future of our urban cities, LT ParkSmart has engineered a range of solutions to help drivers park their cars in a safe, reliable and cost-effective way. We are a team of young Replica IWC Portuguese watches , talented and highly motivated engineers who want to build a hassle-free tomorrow for our car owners. Championing the cause of ‘Make In India’, our local experience and expertise helps us engineer solutions designed for our local needs.


L.T. Elevator, with its roots in 21 states and 6 countries is by far one of the largest elevator manufacturers across the nation. With well established assembly lines, the company has an integrated production line, where 80% of its products are manufactured in house with the help of hi-tech German technology. We are India’s only indigenous elevator company with latest modern German machinery and hi-tech infrastructure. We optimize and customize operations for maximum efficiency, immense product quality, improved customer experience, reduced risks and lower capital expenditure. Patronizing the Make in India campaign, we manufacture following products in its State of Art manufacturing plant:

  • Mechanical Car Parking System
  • Modern Escalators
  • High-Speed Apartment Lifts
  • Bungalow Lifts
  • Hospital lifts
  • Goods lift
  • Specialty Elevators

We introduce our latest product line Smart Car Parking Solution of LT PARKSMART to you for your parking needs -

  • Stack Parking System

  • Puzzle Parking System

  • Aisle Parking System

One of the best products to have ever launched in its segment, LT ParkSmart focuses on the customers living in Multistoried Apartment Complexes & Independent Homes in urban areas who face challenges to park their car. LT PARKSMART builds the most technologically adept and robust products with unmatched quality and functionality.


  • Largest Smart Car Parking manufacturer in Eastern India
  • In-House design team of 25+ engineers for Embedded Systems and Robotics
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized steel fabrication materials
  • ISMC 200 instead of ISMC 175 to make a sturdier system
  • 2mm pre-galvanized GI Sheet for Car Tray
  • Sourcing High Quality Materials from renowned suppliers ( Mitsubishi, , Wago, Schneider, Rittal, Siemens, Parker Hannifin, etc)
  • 6 Service Centres in NCR for opportune, effortless and unrestricted service
  • Easy Availability of input parts


Designed to provide the ultimate solution to parking needs, the application of smart parking in cities eliminates the worries of costs, fuel wastage and time consumption.

LT ParkSmart combines technology and innovation in an endeavour to save fuel, time and money while facilitating faster, easier and denser parking facilities.

Key Benefits Parking Solutions of LT ParkSmart –

  • Optimum Use of Space for Traffic control
  • Traffic Reduction on Streets owing to easier Parking Facility
  • Control Pollution Levels with more cars parked and less vehicles looking for space
  • Better experience : Secure and Cost – Effective Solutions