PNG Piping

Smart Gas Solution
Since, the Governemnt has pitched with the Idea of creating SMART Cities or Connected Industrial clusters, We have taken the lead in proposing the Idea of providing SMART Piped gas system, one of the three most important utility service for any Human dwelling, in the connected SMART city. Our system is SMART broadly because of it having three important SMART aspects, namely

1) SMART Infrastructure: We use the latest technology available to give to the consumer & the developer the most easy to use & efficient system. Use of Auto changeover valves, Multi point pressure regulators to provide SMART safety etc.

2) SMART metering : There are broadly three types of meters
A) Type 1: Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) wired or wireless
B) Type 2: Prepaid Gas meters
C) Normal meters

3) SMART billing services : We at Embrace have developed a system in house to give the consumers a convenient & hassle free experience. Our system is mobile & can deliver billing & receipt services at doorstep.