LPG reticulated system

Reticulated LPG system is an emerging economical and safe mean for providing LPG to residential houses and apartments in high rise buildings and group housing societies & in Commercial establishments in urban towns with higher density of population. LPG is supplied in-line through pipe network using multiple stages of pressure reduction at storage point. Main components being:

Gas Bank
We can have multiple gas banks with a capacity of 1000 kg leaving three meter distance between the two. On an average anywhere between 5-10 Days of consumption is stored.

Gas is supplied to pipe line network system with 3 phases of pressure regulation –PRS –I,PRS –II & PRS III.

controls the LPG Pressure & Flow from the gas bank and it is reduced from 5-7 kg/sq.cm to 1.2 - 1.8 kg/sq.cm (g). in order to improve the safety in the delivered LPG, a three-stage pressure reduction is adopted in Reticulation System in such a manner that LPG enters the domestic kitchen at the least but adequate required pressure.

The pressure of LPG in the pipe network is reduced from 1.2 — 1.8 kg/sq.cm to 0.5 kg/sq.cm before entering the buildings through risers. PRS—ll shall have in—built OPSO and UPSO to take care of any pressure rise in the pipelines and leakage etc.

Is provided in individual kitchens in which the pressure of 0.50 kg/sq.cm. (500 milli bar) or higher is further reduced to 28 milli bar that is the maximum pressure required for the hotplates, stoves and similar gas appliances.

Supply of piped gas at Consumer Premises
The consumer instead of now having a cylinder, now has gas supply via Piped infrastructure. A meter is also installed at each premises, so that the exact consumption of each consumer can be mapped.

Maintanenece of Supply of Gas & Piped infra
We at Embrace take care of the system on turnkey basis, whereby the gas supply is managed 24*7. The billing of all individuals is carried out via our in house Billing system. Also the piped infrastructure is periodically maintained as per the relevant code.